About Us

Suqian Taida Airport Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional airport ground handling equipment manufacturer and provider,which is located in the charming lakeside of Luoma and adjacent to Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.
Main(principal)products of the company including:Passenger Stairs(Towable/Electric/Self-propelled),Catering Truck,Ambulift,Collecting Truck,Baggage Conveyor Belt,Portable Water Service Truck,Lavatory Service Truck,Air Conditioning Truck,Aircraft Heater,Air Container Transfer Vehicle,Baggage Towing Tractor,Dolly,as well as Maintenance Tooling,Ground Tooling,Special airport equipment.
Taida has an excellent and experienced technical R&D team,all of them are affectionate the civil aviation industry and willing to dedicate them selves to it.
Advanced design philosophy from both domestic and abroad,latest technics and technology,are continually being integrated and adapted to our R&D processes to provide customers the most reliable products and services.
To serve every airport,provide quality products and satisfactory service to our customers,Taida people always keep in mind the mission that"to be the creator of excellent quality",and do a good job of every product and every service with positive attitude and responsible spirit.[ View details ]


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Address: NO.18, Jialingjiang Road, Suyu District, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, China Number: Su ICP No. 14016221-1  技術支持:鷹潭網億科技
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